Experts Say Violent Video Games Don't Turn People Into Killers

Violent video games are usually the first ones to fly off the shelves at the stores and today they've gotten even more attention. This time from Vice President Joe Biden.

He reached out to video game makers seeking for proposals on how to combat gun violence. It's all part of a plan to make stricter rules on gun control after the recent shootings across the nation. That has gamers speaking out.

"I don't think it's going to get instances like these from happening until the culture as a whole changes drastically. There's nothing that can be done. You can't legislate that sort of thing. It has to happen in the household with the parents," said Jason Black, a video game player.

We asked experts whether they think there's a relationship between violent video games and someone becoming a killer.

"There's no absolute proof that violent video games can turn a normal person into a cold blooded killer," said Susan Thompson, the Child and Adolescent Director at Helen Farabee.

Thompson says violent video games are just one factor that plays into someone turning violent. Other things like family dynamics, bullying, personality traits and even hormones come into play. But while it may not turn you into a killer, Violent tendencies can definitely occur.

"If they cause frustration they can also cause impulsivity and those are usually factors in these things and that sort of thing can really escalate a child's thinking processes," said Thompson.

Thompson says violent video games can have a stronger impact between the ages of 8 and 18. That's why parents should monitor and limit their kids game time and make sure the rating of the game is appropriate for their age.

"I've seen like a 7-year-old kid buy a rated "M" for mature game and buy three of them and it shocked me because when I was at that age I couldn't even buy a game rated e for everyone," said Germaine McLeod.

Biden has also met with victims of gun violence and gun sellers for feedback. He will present his proposal to President Barack Obama next week.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6