Burn Ban Lifted: Some Residents Upset

A burn ban lift was enough to spark some outcry from Wichita County residents. Monday morning Wichita County Commissioners lifted the burn ban. A lot of people were not happy about that decision.
"I really don't think it should be lifted yet," said Paul Masters. "I don't think we've had much rain to get things wet enough to where fires won't be a hazard."

Some people did side with commissioners on the vote.

"I'd have to say that I don't have a problem with the burn ban getting lifted, people get rid of their trash, limbs, and things like that," said another resident.

"I think there's a small window of opportunity for people  to clear their fields for crops, burn piles, and stuff like that," said Lee Bourgoin, Wichita County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Lee Bourgoin had the approval of seven county Volunteer Fire Departments when making the decision to allow organized burns. After he had the OK they presented their case to commissioners and it was enough to convince them.

"They're the ones on the front line so we take their advice on what
they recommend," said Commissioner Pat Norris.

When lifting burn bans there are a lot of factors that go into those decisions.

"The soil moisture content helps with how deep the fire burns and the rate of progression and we did get a little bit of moisture," said Bourgoin. "It didn't help us in the lakes but it did help in the fuel situation."

At any time Lee Bourgoin Emergency Management Coordinator or firefighters feel they need to reenact the burn ban Lee can call County Judge Woody Gossom who has the authority to initiate another ban.

If you are going to be burning brush or anything else you will need to contact your local VFD to make them aware.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.