Officers Bust 4 People with Meth

A chemical smell lands four people behind bars.

Wichita Falls police called the Wichita County Sheriff's Office because a house in the 4200 block of Mustang Drive smelled like meth.

Richard Lerma, 46, and Jason Lindsey, 35, went to open the door, then slammed it shut and locked it. A lieutenant kicked the door open.

Lindsey locked himself in the bathroom. Officers kicked that door in and Lindsey tried running out of the home. He began wrestling with law enforcement officers before he was tased in the back.

Two other people Heather Medaris, 37, and Lucas Anderson, 41, were arrested.

Officers seized 2,851 grams of 'bones' and 1.6 grams of liquid methamphetamine.

Each are charged with Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance over 400 grams.