Eric Nadel Talks Rangers

During the Texas Rangers' Winter Caravan visit to Wichita Falls, Newschannel 6 had a chance to sit down with the radio voice of the team, Eric Nadel.

He gave his thoughts on a range of subjects, and we'll share some of the interview with you here.

Today, we heard from Nadel about the likelihood of young prospects Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt seeing major playing time this season.

He said the key is actually Mitch Moreland.

"He hasn't stayed healthy either of the last two years," Nadel said.

"I'd like to see what he can do with a fully healthy season. If he has one, then you may not really see Profar play a pivotal role this year.

"If Moreland struggles, and the Rangers need to make some adjustments, I think it's much more likely you'll see Profar and Olt play, play large roles this year."

We also talked to him about the new division rivalry with the Houston Astros.

"I think the Astros rivalry will be really good, when the Astros become a contending team," Nadel said.

"How soon that can happen, I don't know. But I do know it's gonna be fun to watch them as they rebuild.

"Once they get to the status where they really are a threat, I think that fans in Arlington are going to respond to the Astros as more than any other division rival."

Tune in later in the week to hear more from Eric Nadel!