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Camp Fire Candy Sales Start Next Week

Wichita Falls, Texas -  Camp Fire's Candy Sale is off to a great start this year, thanks to Patterson Auto Group.  They are purchasing the first 500 boxes of candy to go to the troops. 

Camp Fire members in Wichita Falls and a five-county area will begin selling Camp Fire Candy Thursday, January 24 and continue through Sunday, February 17.

Camp Fire members will offer six varieties of products for $5 each.  Rich Smooth Chocolate Mints, Sweet Almond Roca Buttercrunch, Creamy Almond Caramel Clusters, Trail Mix, P-Nuttles (butter toffee peanuts), and Peanut Butter Bears.
Camp Fire considers the candy sale to be an integral part of our youth's development process in addition to being a source of funding for all of the exciting programs Camp Fire provides.   The sale helps youth take part in a unique learning opportunity emphasizing presentation skills, planning skills,  math skills, teamwork, responsibility, confidence and goal setting.

While providing a service, they  can also set goals and work toward earning some wonderful prizes.   Prizes for the candy sale are offered on a cumulative basis for each seller.  Prizes include:
                 30 boxes - A sandwich from McDonald's on Kemp and a small shaved ice from Bahama Bucks
                 50 boxes - A Camp Fire T-Shirt
                 75 boxes - A pizza party at Check E. Cheese + drawing for prizes
               100 boxes -  Camp Fire Bag & Bottle
               150 boxes - A Limo Trip to Jump for Joy
               151 boxes -  MONEY -$.45 for every box sold over 150

Nationwide, Camp Fire has provided excellent programming for children and youth for 103 years, and locally for 98 years. 

"There has been a long tradition as our youth have not only sold candy but early on-in the 1920's and 1940's sold donuts.  In 1936 , the council members could not go to the conference in New York due to small profits in donut sales.  In 1943, 4,982 dozen donuts were sold.  In November, 1948 plans were made for the first Candy Sale which would be in February, 1949.  In June, 1951 it was announced that a profit of $2,000 was made on candy sale-5,204 boxes sold.  In 1953 Russell Stover Candy was sold for $1.00 per box.  In February 28, 1957 35,000 boxes of candy were sold," Executive Director Bettye Ricks said. 

You will see children and youth members selling Camp Fire USA Candy at big events, businesses and also knocking on neighborhood doors.  You can also drop by the Camp Fire office at 2414 Ninth Street to purchase candy.   Candy can be purchased for yourself or as a unique gift for someone you care about.  Think about purchasing Camp Fire Candy for a Valentine's Day gift.

Once again, we are giving our friends in the communities we serve an opportunity to purchase cases of candy for our troops.  This is a wonderful way to support Camp Fire and hopefully put a smile on the face of a soldier.  You can purchase a case or more for the troops throughout the candy sale.  A case of candy is $75 and contains 15 boxes.  This candy can be purchased from a member of Camp Fire or at the Camp Fire office. 

While the Candy Sale runs for only a short time, Camp Fire USA programs benefit youth year-round.

For more information , call 322-5209 or drop by the Camp Fire office at 2414 Ninth Street, e-mail at or visit the web site

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