Texoma Man Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

A Texoma man accused of forcing himself on a woman two years ago has been found guilty of  sexual assault. The punishment phase of the trial is pending for further testimony.

Efrain Muniz, 45, was arrested on February 4, 2011 when Wichita Falls police said they were called to a disturbance at a residence by another person in the house. Police said they heard a woman's voice screaming for help from inside the residence.

A second officer kicked open the door where officers found Muniz standing over the victim. He was charged with aggressive sexual assault.

The victim claimed Muniz was drunk when he forced himself into her home and became physically aggressive. According to the affidavit the victim had several injuries, including abrasions on both sides of her neck and abrasion on her middle back and shoulder blade.

During testimony Wednesday an assault nurse examiner and forensic scientists testified all physical evidence taken from the victim tested negative for Muniz.

Newschannel 6 will continue to follow this trial as it enters the punishment phase.