WFPD Police Chase Policies

After a high speed chase through residential areas on Wednesday, Newschannel Six took a closer look at the Wichita Falls Police Department's policies regarding chases.

"The main thing is, we don't want to create a dangerous situation for our citizens," said Public Information Officer Sgt. John Spragins.

Sgt. Spragins said officers should call their supervisor on duty at the start of a chase, and continue to check in with speed and road conditions. While Spragins said officers can decide to end the chase on their own if they feel it is too dangerous, the decision is ultimately in the hands of the supervisor.

That decision is based on a number of factors, including, "What's going on, what they're chasing for, what the road conditions are, traffic, are they in residential are they on the highway, things like that," said Sgt. Spragins.

All police chases are reviewed internally by police administration and by the Office of Professional Conduct.

However, Sgt. Spragins said he trusts the decision made about the police chase on Wed., Jan. 16th. "I'm not going to second guess other supervisors and the decisions they made," said Sgt. Spragins. "Supervisors are out there, they're involved in the situation. We have great supervisors and they're highly trained."