Texomans Find Creative Ways to Take Advantage of Warm Weekend

This weekend was an unusually warm January weekend. Sunday's average high is normally 55 degrees but it ended up being 68 degrees. That made for the perfect weather to head outside and enjoy the three-day weekend for most folks. Our Newschannel 6 Facebook Page was filled with comments about how people spent the weekend.

If one word could sum up all the comments about Sunday's weather. It might as well be perfect.

"It's just a nice day today," said Zac Calafax.

"It's beautiful, no wind, perfect day for some disc golf," said Peter Lovelace.

"It's perfect," said David Lovelace.

It wasn't too cold or too hot  this weekend so put that together and you get Lucy Park filled with joggers, bicyclists and sport enthusiasts.

"Playing some disc golf, such a nice day today I had to come outside and wake
these guys up," said Calafax pointing to his friends.

"We knew today the weather was going to be somewhat decent somewhat nice so we decided to come out here, have a picnic and let the kids run around and burn off some much built up energy they've had," said Jeffrey Delaney, who brought his children to Lucy Park.

Amy and Brian Larue visited Lake Arrowhead for the first time from Denton for the three day holiday weekend.

"We've been playing games, riding bikes, hiking around, saw the prairie dogs."

Saturday was a little dead for the park but park officials say Saturday was one of their busiest yet and it's all thanks to mother nature.

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Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.