Texoman Stars in Hawaii 5-O

A Wichita Falls native is taking a major step in her Hollywood career Monday night on Newschannel 6. Cory McBride plays the murder victim in tonight's all new episode of Hawaii 5-0 and we sat down with her family and spoke with Cory over the phone about her big break.

This isn't the first time Cory has appeared on Hawaii 5-O, though last time you may have had some trouble finding her. She was an extra in one episode last season, but shared the screen with about 100 other actors fleeing from a fictional Tsunami.

Even though her role this time around as the murder victim isn't a speaking one, she'll be heavily featured in the episode. Over the phone she said, "I thought it was really cool because I watched the preview and it was so weird to see myself on TV."

Cory's older sister shared her excitement. She said, "I've already put in on Facebook. I put the promo on there, like, look at my baby sister! I know my older sister put it on her Facebook and we're just so excited."

The young star's parents said even though this is a big step in their daughter's career, she remains humble. Her father Charles McBride said, "I think we're more caught up than she is. She's more thinking about 'I've got to pay my rent next week and I've got to work.' Over there it's just life." Her mother, Jo Ann John added, "She's a Texas small town girl and I think she always will be."

Living more than 3,500 miles away from home, Cory said the support from her family has been amazing. She said, "It's so nice to have that support because regardless of speaking parts or modeling, they just make me feel so special and it's a great feeling."

You can catch a sneak peek of tonight's episode in the trailer and the full episode on Newschannel 6 at 9:00.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6