Olney Opens New Family Clinic

A new state of the art family clinic opened in Olney Monday. It has new technology that will better benefit patients.

The waiting room was busy and Dr. Mark Mankins anticipates it staying that way.

"Typically patients will come to see the newness so they're going to come see the doctor when they may be reluctant to come and so that's a drawing card in itself," said Dr. Mark Mankins.

All because of new equipment, new technology, new space.

"People who have come here and looked at this have been in facilities such as Dallas or Houston say this is some of the best they've ever seen," said Michael Huff, CEO Olney Hamilton Hospital.

The older clinic in town called Lovett-Meredith Rural Health Clinic was just too outdated. This new place offers a rehabilitation center and access to nursing and doctor care in a quicker manner.

"All of our exam rooms will have a computer in them so we will soon be paperless and we will no longer need medical charts we have electronic charts," said Huff.

Joey Martinez took advantage of the rehab center. He tore his rotator cuff a few weeks ago and hopes to heal soon.

"It will definitely help rehabilitate my shoulder and it should do so in a quicker process."

The actual grand opening is Saturday from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. The public is invited to attend and take a tour of the new facility. The clinic is located at 100 S. Ave. M.

The project cost several million dollars and partners with the Olney Hamilton Hospital. The Lovett-Meredith Rural Health Clinic in Olney will stay but will serve as a speciality clinic.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.