Wichita Co. Inmates Go Plastic

There is now a cheaper and easier way for Wichita County inmates to get the money they're owed during incarceration. Wichita Co. Commissioners unanimously approved a debit card system Tuesday to help inmates access their funds immediately with out costing the jail a cent.

From now on, when an inmate is released from the Wichita County Jail, he/she will be given a free prepaid MasterCard debit card with the money the inmate had earned since incarceration. The inmate can access these funds immediately. The inmate can also keep the card for later use.

The jail used to issue checks to released inmates, but that system did not work. Since then, released inmates had been required to come back to the jail after release to get cash. Both these methods were considered costly and ineffective.

The new method will not cost the county any money. The jail will be able to use existing software, and will not have to pay for the cards.