New Gym Opens At Vernon College

Vernon College students in Wichita Falls will now be running on campus, but not because they're late for class. They now have a chance to exercise at the new Vernon College Century City Fitness Center.

"I've been waiting for it to open. I use the gym frequently at the base and I've been wanting a gym to work out here in school, said Trent Daulton, a student at Vernon College.

Back in May "The Gym," a fitness center that was renting the space from the college filed for bankruptcy and closed its doors without warning. Students were left without a place to work out for free and the college lost about $10,000 in the process. But in August the the college decided to turn things around and bought some of the work out machines.

The Director of Continuing Education Michelle Wood says, "We obviously gave them what we thought was cost effective for both our needs and theirs so we removed some equipment that is no longer needed and we also had to repair quite a bit of equipment."

Now that the fitness center is up and running students and staff can just come in, swipe their identification card and work out in the general use gym. It has everything from a cardio section to a weight room.

"This semester I ended up with a two hour break between my first and second class so it works out perfectly," said Daulton.

And Wood says, "When people are healthy they get sick less often, they get fewer injuries, they're here and they're more productive so being healthy is best for everyone."

Right now there's only one full time employee running the place but part time instructors will be around to show everyone how to use the machines and tell people how they should start shedding off those pounds.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6