Flu Outbreak At Plato Elementary School Forces Closure

Plato Elementary School will be closed Thursday and Friday because of a flu outbreak that's sent 25% of the school's students home sick.

Duncan Public School District Superintendent Sherry Labyer told Newachannel 6 she made the decision on Wednesday because of the increasing number of children leaving school sick.

The school support and certified staff are still required to attend Thursday and Friday to clean, and disinfect the entire building.

The school's attendance was less than 80% by Wednesday. 78 of the 316 students enrolled are absent. A good majority of the children out sick are kindergarteners. Only one teacher and one support staff member have been out sick.

Labyer told Newschannel 6 she has spoken with Health Department specialists about the outbreak. They said even if kids come to school with low grade fever they could still be contagious.

For information click here for the school's website.