Free Income Tax Filing Available

Free Income Tax Filing Available

The Income Tax Assistance Center provides free tax return filings for individuals and families who make less than $51,000 a year, and it opened its doors Friday at the Sikes Senter Mall.

"Last year, we brought back into our community because of this volunteer effort, over $3.5 million into the hands of hard working families who deserve that money," said President and CEO of the North Texas United Way Diane Phillips. "It's just filtered right back into our community, so it's really like our own local stimulus package."

Last year, the program helped more than 2,400 people file their taxes for free, and they hope to beat that number this year.

"All of our tax preparers are trained and certified, so you can feel confident that you are going to have professional tax preparation and it's going to be confidential and you're going to get a return back soon," said Phillips.

To set up an appointment, simply dial 211. Multiple locations in addition to Sikes Senter opened on Saturday, Jan. 26th.