Burk Amends By-Laws of Economic Development Corporation

The City of Burkburnett amends by-laws of Economic Development Corporation to improve effectiveness of the Economic Development Program

Burkburnett, Texas (January 24, 2013) - The City of Burkburnett has recently amended the by-laws of the Burkburnett Development Corporation (BDC) to improve the effectiveness of the Economic Development Program for the City. 

The City hired Strategic Government Resources, Inc. (SGR) of Keller, TX in July 2012 to evaluate and make recommendations on the City's economic development structure and function.  Based on the results of the evaluation performed by SGR, the Board of Commissioners made several changes to the program.

The City amended the by-laws of the Development Corporation to increase the number of ex-officio members from four to eight; remove the Board of Commissioners as ex-officio members; provide for the use of the City Attorney for legal advice and review; and have the Executive Director become a staff position which reports to the City Manager.  The Board of Commissioners also discussed the economic development goals for the City and provided direction to the Board of Directors of the Development Corporation.   

Coming at the same time as these changes was the resignation of the Executive Director of the Burkburnett Development Corporation, Kelly Bolen.     

"The City of Burkburnett is committed to improving the economic development potential and opportunities in our city.  By evaluating our economic development program and making recommended changes, we are diligently seeking ways to improve the economic conditions in Burkburnett for all our residents. We are all disappointed that our Executive Director, Kelly Bolen, resigned.  We are also very confident that the changes we have made will help improve the effectiveness of our economic development program in the future." stated Carl Law, Mayor of Burkburnett.

The purpose of the City of Burkburnett's economic development program is to expand and diversify the tax base of the City of Burkburnett.  For more information, please call 940.569.2263