Kids With Disabilities Score Big Step Towards Equality In Schools

Kids With Disabilities Score Big Step Towards Equality In Schools

Kids with disabilities just scored a big step toward equality, but some feel this could come at a cost to individual students on good ranking, competitive teams.

"They need their teams to do well so they can get scouts to look at them, I mean, different sports like football, basketball. It could be a high school student's big break to get into college and then what if that's forfeited," said a Texoma resident.

Others are concerned about the safety and well being of not only kids with disabilities but the entire team.

Another Texoma resident says, "I think it really depends on what their disability is. You wouldn't want them to do something that there's a possible way that they can get injured in any way."

But all the US Department of Education is asking for is a fair shot for all kids to play on a traditional sports team. Coaches would have to make reasonable modifications to accommodate kids with disabilities on the team if they can keep with their classmates. But some Texomans say this could trigger animosity.

"That's something the coach will have to handle you know. If you see a kid taunting a special needs kid then the coach should be able to get on that and take proper actions to control such behaviors," said a concerned Texoma resident.

But if modifications will give the student an advantage or alter the game in any way, the school will need to take other measures. The Department of Education recommends creating an athletic program specifically for kids with disabilities.

"Sports are good for kids. Some of them are not going to be able to compete on an even level to play the varsity football player, that kind of thing but you can come up with something for them to do like wheelchair type events," said another Texoma resident.

Creating a separate league for kids with disabilities also comes with it's concerns. Texomans want to know how a school can afford that, especially right now when education finances are in such a tight spot. Some even worry money would be cut from traditional programs to pay for this effort.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6