Weekend Gun & Knife Show Draws 10,000

There's a lot of debate surrounding gun shows across America. Record attendance has been reported at shows across the country in what some are calling a panic response to gun control legislation. The Gun & Knife Show wrapped up this weekend in Wichita Falls with its largest attendance in 20 years.

"My stock has never been this low since I opened," said Brian Bernardo with Bridgeport Guns & Ammo.

"We've been doing it 33 years and the crowd has been tremendous," said Joe Tom White, Wichita Falls Gun & Knife Show.

Many were looking past traditional guns and were eager to get their hands on assault rifles or semi-automatics. President Barack Obama wants background checks for all gun sales and a ban on both military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. That reality fired some fear into the minds of some Texomans.

"The main reason is there is a fear they're going to stop manufacturing them
they're going to outlaw them and take them from us," said buyer Bryan Roland.

Brian Bernardo with Bridgeport Guns & Ammo says in the last month he's sold more semi-automatic guns than he has in 13 years of business. Like many sellers he's running on low supply and with high demand it's tough keeping up with buyers.

"I've had several people call me at the shop and ask do you have this particular assault rifle, that particular assault rifle, do you have one?" he said.

Ten-thousand people packed inside the MPEC for the show, that's compared to this usual crowd of 4,000. Buyer Bryan Roland was scouting out AR-15's, confident he was going to walk out with one.

"I want to get one before I can't get one anymore." he said.

The weekend crowd was so large that people also made purchases for books and knives and jewelry at the show. One book seller said it was his largest weekend sell at the show.

The next Gun & Knife Show is scheduled for the weekend of May 25, 26 at the MPEC. According to officials they have already sold out of vendors for that show.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.