Some Businesses Cash In Big On Warm Weather

The sound of a golf club usually goes hand in hand with warm weather and whenever you hear that in the winter, some business are taken over by the unexpected sound of cash registers.

"Yesterday was one of the better Sundays we've had in quite a while. Today's business probably twice as good as an average Monday," said Tony Dodge, the head golf professional at Weeks Park Golf.

Businesses like Weeks Park Golf have been cashing in on the mild winter Texoma has been experiencing. We've had 70 degree weather since Sunday. Dodge says he's seen about a 30% increase of golfers who were keeping an eye on the forecast and wasted no time to hit the greens.

"December, January, February, those are relatively slow months. Anything that we do at this time of the year, I don't know, you might want to call it icing on the cake but it's definitely a bonus to the bottom line," said Dodge.

Meanwhile over at Bahama Bucks, ice could be found in the cups costumers were lining up for in the drive through instead of our roads.

Manager Nick Boyling says, "Whenever it's cold out we sit in there bored looking for something to do."

General Manager Nick Boyling says this snow cone shop has seen a 50% increase in costumers in the last days. He says the extra cash comes as a blessing since the recent construction on Kemp Boulevard really set them back on sales.

"Our season usually end about late October, early November but this year it ended at the middle of September so we lost a good 6 weeks of business," said Boyling.

Yogurt lovers also joined in the warm weather activities and helped the local shop Yogurt Journey double their sales on Sunday. Owner Brent Spray says they constantly keep an eye on the weather forecast so he was able to stock up on supplies and employees.

"Last year I think we had 3 days where we had to close because of snow and ice on the roads so we haven't had that experience this year," said Spray.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6