Some Law Enforcement Agencies Face Ammo Shortage

Some Texoma law enforcement agencies are having a hard time getting their hands on guns and ammunition. The waiting list is so long some agencies don't know when they'll receive their shipment.

Both Clay County and Iowa Park are experiencing a delay. Iowa Park Police Chief Robert Johnson said the ammo they ordered Monday won't arrive until at the earliest three to five months from now. Some of his orders don't have a date because the manufacturer won't know when they'll have it in stock.

In Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons is experiencing the same problem.

"There's been such a run on ammo since January that most places we deal with are either out
or short," said Sheriff Lemons.

Sheriff Lemons placed an order of ammo earlier this month. That ammo won't arrive soon. In fact he doesn't know when the shipment will come in

"The biggest affect on us is training. We're going to have to cut back a little bit on our training to make sure we get enough time frame to get more ammunition in here." said Sheriff Lemons.

Fortunately that won't have any affect on their day to day operations just their training at gun ranges. The shortage on supplies has been a problem for other law enforcement agencies across the country.

"People are afraid. They're afraid the government is going to take bullets away from them so they're going to stock pile their weapons and ammo."

Firearms are not an issue. Sheriff Lemons said it's just the ammunition and it's enough
to trigger some changes to their training.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.