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Drought Watch: Restaurant Restrictions

Under the Stage Three Drought Emergency restrictions in Wichita Falls, restaurants have three things they are restricted from doing.
One thing that is a year round restriction is, customers don't get a glass of water unless they ask for one. In Stage Three, restaurants cannot use water to thaw food. They have to either let it thaw naturally or use an oven. And, they cannot use a spray hose to clean floors. They must sweep and mop. We talked to Susan Morris with the Wichita County-Wichita Falls Health District  to see if the cleanliness of restaurants will be compromised with the restrictions.

"One of the restrictions that we suggested for the Stage Three water restrictions would be to sweep the floor and mop the floor rather that to spray it with a spray hose," said Morris. "It is cleaner, because when you spray that water it just goes everywhere. It goes up on the shelves, and it sprays everywhere. So, it's a much more sanitary method. Sweeping and scooping and moping than spraying the water."

The Stage Three Drought Emergency is expected to trigger some in early February. As of January 28th, lake levels were sitting at a combined 40.2%. Stage Three kicks in when those levels reach 40%.

Stay with 6 as we continue to follow the drought situation.


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