Water Wells Become Hot Ticket Items In Drought

Water Wells Become Hot Ticket Items In Drought

If you leave water running in your yard or spray your plants everyday, you will probably get a hefty fine especially when Wichita Falls hits Stage 3 Drought Emergency next week.

That's unless the water is coming from your own water well.

"Once you get the well drilled the water is free so you know, with this drought coming on and we don't know how long it's going to last, I would advise people if they need a well to call and get it done," said George Berre, a licensed water well driller fro AOC Environmental, Inc.

Berre says anyone in Wichita County can drill a well in their land without a permit even if you don't live on the country side.

"We drill a test hole, if we find water then we drill a bigger hole and then we set a pump and you're in business," said Berre.

Once the water well is in place all you need to do is to switch on the pump to use it. But there's a catch. Berre says if you get your water from the city you can't use the one from your well inside your home unless it's an emergency.

"If you have to you can use the water in your house and if you treat it with chlorine you can even drink it," added the driller.

Drilling a water well can cost you up to $2,500 and it could take up to two days. If you wanted to build it yourself you would need things like drilling rigs, casings, screens and a drilling pump. But Berre says the majority of the people end up spending more money that way without a good result.

"They invent little machines and driller rigs and they all have trouble when they get down to the sand and gravel where the water is. They can't keep it open. They drill a 20 foot hole, they pull their tools out and they have a 10 foot hole."

Berre says this drought has kept him the busiest he's ever been in his 20 years in business. He even has a waiting list that he expects to get even longer once Wichita Falls hits stage three.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6