Big Game, Big Crowd

The big game brought in big business at a couple of area businesses. Super bowl 47 may be over but the payoff is just getting started for some local businesses. Football fans packed inside their favorite places like Buffalo Wild Wings and Parkway Grill.

There was no shortage of excitement Sunday night as fans sat perched on their chairs, with their eyes on the big screen rooting for their team.

"Baltimore," said Joshua Krmenec.

"Pittsburgh Steelers, but they didn't make it so I have to root for Baltimore," said Jason Hunsaker.

"I'm rooting for the 49ers. I feel really out-numbered but it's alright," said Kelly Bender.

It's the enthusiasm of fans that kept even the servers, cheerful on one of their busiest nights of the year.

"We started doing reservations a week ago and they had to be here by at
least 3:30 p.m., " said Parkway Grill Waitress, Corrine Lowe.

"It's busier actually behind scenes," said BWW Manager, Lex Wilridge. "To-go orders are probably more than out here."

At Buffalo Wild Wings about 6,400 wings were cooked. At Parkway Grill you can bet there was a lot of dairy in use for their famous specialities. But more importantly the evening served as a gathering. One of very few nowadays that bring families and friends together for a good cheer.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.