75 MPH Signs Popping Up

75 MPH Signs Popping Up

75 MPH speed limit signs are popping up on three US highways this week in Texoma.

In Wichita and Wilbarger Counties, US 287 will get the speed boost from the Hardeman County line to near Loop 11 in Wichita Falls. TxDOT sign crews started installing the new speed limits Monday. They expect to be completed by the end of the day weathering permitting.

Drivers have mixed feelings about the change.

"I think it's great, "said Desse Pike.

"I'm comfortable at 70 mph," said Iowa Park Resident Bobby Rowland.

"It's just going to cause more wrecks and more deaths," added another Texoma woman.

"I think it kind of comes in handy sometimes," chipped in an Amarillo resident.

Later in the week, TxDOT Maintenance forces will proceed with changing the speed limit on US 287 East of Wichita Falls to the Wise County line and US 277/US 82 in Archer and Baylor Counties.

A new law went into effect September 1, 2011 allowing roads that were signed 70 MPH to be considered for an increase to 75 MPH. After a series of traffic and speed studies, it was determined that many State and US highways in the Wichita District of TxDOT should be converted.  The Texas Transportation Commission approved the speed limit change in December.  9,000 miles across the state are part of this round of increases.

*The speed limit isn't 75 MPH unless you see the new sign up.

"People need to remember don't drive 75 until you see the sign because until then law enforcement can still give you tickets," said Adele Lewis with TxDOT.

In the meantime, State troopers and local law enforcement can write tickets at the lower speed. Some cities along these highways have lower speed limits. Those limits will remain in place.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.