Section Of Road Pops Up And Damages Vehicles

Section Of Road Pops Up And Damages Vehicles

It's a bump on the road that not only delayed some drivers but also damaged vehicles around 5:30 this morning.

The bridge joints or light weight concrete popped up on the southbound lane of the McKinney overpass on Hwy. 287. The bump blew the tires of two vehicles and another had to be towed away. It's believed a chunk of concrete might have broken the oil pan of the car.

Wichita Falls Police and crews from the Texas department of Transportation quickly responded to the scene to direct traffic and fill in the concrete. TexDOT's Public Information Officer Adelle Lewis told us those who had their cars damaged should write the department a letter. They should include any receipts or documents that prove the damages occurred. TexDOT will review it and advise them on what to do if they need to get reimbursed.

They can send the letter to this address:

Texas Department of Transportation

PO Box 149148

Austin, TX 78714-9148

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6