Texoma ISD Allows Concealed Carry

Texoma ISD Allows Concealed Carry

A second Texoma Independent School District will allow teachers and school officials to carry concealed handguns on school campuses.

The Quanah School Board voted the measure through Monday night.

Any teacher or administrator wishing to carry a concealed handgun must be licensed by the state, plus they will go through additional training. The specifics of that extra training will be decided by the school board.

Residents agree, something must be done.  "We think that we live in a real safe environment and we live in small rural communities that things like that don't happen, that they happen in larger towns, but it can happen here too," said Bertha Woods.

Woods said she would rather the guns be in a controlled environment, like the principal's office, but she trusts the decision made by the school board.

"I have confidence in the school board and that they would make sure that it was safe to do this and to make that agreement," said Woods.