Only on 6: Treat ADHD Without Medication

Only on 6: Treat ADHD Without Medication

AT ADHD Wichita Falls, clients learn to control their brains through a process called "neurofeedback training."

"We begin that process with a baseline quantitative EEG of their pre-frontal cortex. From there I test them in Math and Reading to see what their skill levels are," said Owner and President Diane Granbery.

From there, clients begin a program that consists of playing video games with their minds. Granbery puts receptors on clients earlobes and on top of their head, just behind the hairline (above the pre-frontal cortex). Using this, Granbery is able to monitor client brain activity, in real time, from a separate computer.

Clients play a series of six games that are three minutes long each.

One game involves a race car, where clients control the car through concentration. If they maintain concentration, the car will move in a straight line, but if they get distracted, it will move left to right.

Parents whose children are enrolled at ADHD Wichita Falls, said the program is responsible for some big changes in their kids.

"It really is fascinating to see how your child can go from completely struggling to making these great strides," said Jennifer Murphy, whose daughter just completed her neurofeedback training at ADHD Wichita Falls. "Not only is it affecting her in her schoolwork, it's affecting her in every aspect. At home she's a better listener, she cooperates better, we're not having as many struggles."

Most parents seek out the program as an alternative to medication.

"In my opinion as a neurologist, I do believe it can be used not only as an alternative, but it can also be used together with medication at times," said Dr. Eugene Pak.

Dr. Pak said the studies on neurofeedback are new and somewhat inconsistent. "Some studies show about 80% improvement in patients. Some studies still show, in practice at least, it still does not benefit the patients," said Dr. Pak.

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