World of Wheels A Boost for Local Businesses

It was a weekend of cars, entertainment and fun. World of Wheels came to town this weekend. Thanks to the event a number of local businesses saw a rise in profits.

From restaurants to hotels and local car businesses, it was more than a car show, it's a big boost to our local economy.
There were more than 110 entries. Chrome, engines and power rolled far beyond the walls of the MPEC.

"We have cars as far away as Eugene Oregon," said Jeff Coley with World of Wheels. "We've got them from Lawton, Altus, all over the Texoma area."

William Harmon owner of Willie's Place a local burger joint saw a spike in his business earlier this week thanks to the car show.

"We see quite a bit from the out of towners and a lot of the locals who come into all
the car shows so they become pretty good customers," he said.

Ruben Rodriguez is hoping to cash in after the show. With people coming from across the area to get a glimpse of his cars they also get a look into his downtown Ohio Street car restoration business.

"We restore cars, we paint, modifications, basically anything you want for the car
to be done we do it there," said Rodriguez.

More than 100 hotel rooms were booked this weekend specifically for this event. That's what they want for the city; a good show that brings in a big crowd, that will in turn, give some businesses the green light.

Organizers say that one or a few local charities will benefit from this show. Those organizations just haven't been selected yet. They would also like to give a big thank you to the dozens of Sheppard Airmen who came to volunteer for the event.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.