Drought Watch: Iowa Park

Drought Watch: Iowa Park

The City Council in of Iowa Park is expected to implement the next stage of drought restrictions at Monday night's regular meeting. Unlike Wichita Falls, where stage 3 is automatically triggered at a certain lake level, Councilors in Iowa Park need to vote on the tighter restrictions. Monday night is their first meeting since the Falls entered Stage 3.

City Manager Michael Price said his staff had the proposed restrictions ready to go for whenever Wichita Falls reached Stage 3. As a wholesale customer, Iowa Park has been asked to reduce water use by 35% (up from a 15% reduction in Stage 2). Price said, "They don't tell us how we get there they leave that up to us but we feel that it's better if we mirror those restrictions that Wichita Falls citizens are facing because it makes it much easier and palatable for everybody."

The restrictions are very similar to Wichita Falls, regulating times people can water, mandating car washes shut down one day per week, and restricting restaurants from using hoses to clean the kitchen.

The watering zones are specific to Iowa Park:

  • Water customers South of Loop 370/Old Iowa Park Highway are allowed to irrigate landscaped areas on Mondays only.
  • Water customers North of Loop 370/Old Iowa Park Highway but South of U.S. Highway 287 are allowed to irrigate landscaped areas on Wednesdays only.
  • Water customers North of U.S. Highway 287 are allowed to irrigate landscaped areas on Fridays only.

The surcharges are also different in Iowa Park. Price said anyone who uses up to 8000 gallons per month should only see their bill go up by about 30 cents. He added, "Once you get above the 8000 gallons per month consumption level, increases kick in." More serious surcharges include $100 for exceeding 12,000 gallons per month and another $100 for exceeding 15,000 gallons per month.

The new restrictions will take effect immediately when the ordinance is passed by the City Council.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6