Nocona Man Hits Deputy With Pickup

Nocona Man Hits Deputy With Pickup

The Montague County Grand Jury indicted a Nocona man accused of evading arrest and hitting an officer with his pickup.

Joe Tyler Hardison was indicted Monday on a charge of evading arrest/detention with a vehicle with a $10,000 bond.

The 29-year-old came to the Montague Co. sheriff's office on December 28 to return an ankle monitoring device.

Officers told Hardison he was being arrested on a blue warrant for a parole violation. Before he could be handcuffed, Hardison ran out of the office and into his pickup.

A deputy tried to get in the truck, but Hardison sped off knocking the deputy down. Bowie Police managed to stop the suspect a short time later.

The deputy was treated for bruises.