Texomans Get Stuck On Stranded Cruise Ship

Texomans Get Stuck On Stranded Cruise Ship

Many Texoma families are worried about a Carnival cruise ship that is stranded in the Gulf of Mexico because of a fire that broke out in the ship's engine room on Sunday.

No one was hurt but reports are rampant that conditions are terrible. Jennifer Arrieta was expecting to welcome her dad and stepmom back home this past Monday but right now they're stranded with more than 4,000 people on the cruise ship "Triumph."

Arrieta says, "On Sunday my mom actually called me and told me she actually spoke with my stepmom and that she was calling to let her know the engine had gone out on the boat and that it wouldn't be back until Thursday."

That's the last thing Jennifer heard from her parents.

"Because their phones aren't really working it's hard to know really what's going on because I haven't heard it from them so it's stressful," said Arrieta.

But Jennifer says she's been watching the news and people who have spoken to their loved ones onboard the ship say the conditions the passengers are living in are much different.

"Their loved ones are telling them that they're getting sick, there's no electricity, the food is limited, it's first come first served, people are getting sick from the smells, that the sewer stuff from the bathrooms is all over the place," said Arrieta.

Jennifer hopes all the reports are false. The cruise line has been calling her with updates and it claims things are under control.

Arrieta says, "They said that they're getting food, they're getting water, there's electricity for part of the boat, that there are medics on the boat so if anybody gets sick they're there."

All Jennifer can do now is wait as the cruise gets dragged back to safety to a harbor in Mobile, AL on Thursday.

Since the Carnival "Triumph" is a Bahamian--flagged vessel, the Bahamas Maritime Authority is the primary investigative agency looking into what caused the fire in the ships engine room. The Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board are also helping the investigation.

Carnival says the passengers will get a free flight home, a full refund for their trip and for most of the expenses on board. They will also get a credit for another cruise.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6