Drought Watch: Archer City

Drought Watch: Archer City

Archer City will enact Stage 3 Drought Emergency Restrictions at 12:01 Thursday morning. Like Wichita Falls, the next drought stage is automatically triggered by falling lake levels. In the case of Archer City, its the level of lake Kickapoo.

Archer City leaders buy the rights to Kickapoo water from Wichita Falls, but treats the water at their own facility in town. City Manager George Huffman said, "We can actually treat it a little bit cheaper than what we can if we buy it from Wichita Falls."

Still, Archer City is a wholesale water customer, meaning residents will be looking to reduce their water consumption by 35% like everyone else. Huffman said, "We're just going to do our best to conserve and I don't think that we'll have any problems. When we did the 15% [reduction] to start out with we did that pretty easily."

Huffman praised the people of Archer City for their conservation so far but added Stage 3 comes with a zero tolerance policy. "Before we would give [residents] a chance, if something did happen like their sprinklers weren't set quite right and they came on at the wrong time. Going into Stage 3 it's going to be zero tolerance."

Enforcement of the new restrictions will begin immediately after the restrictions are triggered at midnight. The Archer City Website features a full list of restrictions, the water zoning map and Stage 3 surcharges.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6