MSU Spending Green To Save Green

MSU Spending Green To Save Green

Midwestern State University's Board of Regents is considering a $75,000 water conservation project.

If approved, the project would activate two wells that have been in place for over ten years, but have never been used, to water the university's two practice football fields.

"We've got to get (the water) out of the ground, pump it to a reservoir of some type, a tank basically, and then that would be connected to a pump that would distribute it to two locations on the west end of each of the football fields," said Associate Vice President of Facility Services at MSU Kyle Owen.

Although the initial cost is estimated to be $75,000, Owen said the university would save that money, and much more, over the long run by not buying water from the city.

"We wouldn't have to pay the initial costs and also, we wouldn't have to pay the surcharge because we're using a higher volume," said Owen. Each practice football field takes about 1.5 million gallons of water a month.

The wells are believed to be part of the Seymour Aquifer, and therefore, Owen believes the supply will last for a while.

The Board is set to make a decision on Friday, Feb. 16th.