Tim Tebow to Visit Wichita Falls Sunday

Wichita Falls football fans seem to be buying in to the vision of Nighthawks General Manager Jerry Hughes.

"It's very exciting what they're bringing to the community," said Wichita Falls resident Melissa Lopez. "I think everybody's excited about it."

Over 8,000 tickets have already been sold for the Nighthawks' first-ever game, Sunday at 3 p.m. against the North Texas Stampede.

Some come in just because they love the game of football, but many, like Lopez, told us this week they're excited to see NFL star Tim Tebow here in Wichita Falls.

"I think everybody in the community is thrilled to have him come here," Lopez said. "Especially the younger kids, and he is a great role model, for everybody."

Wichita Falls mom Karen Waters said she bought tickets to the Sunday-afternoon luncheon with Tebow as a Valentine's Day gift for her husband and son.

"My son looks up to Tim Tebow because he's a good Christian athlete," Waters said. "And that's what we try to instill in our family."

She thinks once her son gets the chance to meet Tebow, he'll be wanting to come back for each game, and each special guest.

"Especially when he gets to meet him for lunch, he's really gonna think he's his buddy," Waters said. "And he's gonna want to see everybody that comes and shows up for the games."

The weather forecast for Sunday looks great, which could mean a big walk-up crowd filling up the stadium.

Hughes says that shows how excited fans are.

"We don't have to guess how excited they are," Hughes said. "You know, already 8,000 tickets sold? The community is pumped up about this and trust me, we will not disappoint."

Everyone is hoping this Sunday is just the start of a new tradition here in Wichita Falls.

Waters is one of those expecting big things. "It's something I think the town's been looking for," she said. "And Tim Tebow's the perfect guy to lead the way."

That good weather could lead to a big walk-up crowd on Sunday, but you still have time to buy tickets Friday and Saturday at the Nighthawks Team Shop in Parker Square in Wichita Falls.