Texoma Woman's Story Of Cruise Ship Ordeal

Texoma Woman's Story Of Cruise Ship Ordeal

Burkeburnett resident, Shirley Shell, and her family had their first ever cruise "ruined" when the Carnival Triumph was stranded at sea.

"Everywhere you went you smelled pee and poop...even when you laid down at nighttime," said Shell. "It was dark, we were on a balcony and the air would go through, and that's all you smelled was the sewer and stuff. It was just awful, it was awful, we hated it."

Shell said the staff was great, working around the clock to make sure passengers were safe and comfortable.

Shirley was on the cruise with her husband, her sister and brother-in-law, and her parents, when an engine fire caused the ship to break down. All of them have been offered compensation from Carnival in the form of a full refund, $500 per person and a free cruise.

When asked if she would take that free cruise, or go on any other cruise in general, Shell was conflicted.  "No. I mean, right now we don't want to, but who knows, you know, we might change our minds later on," said Shell.
For now, she is just happy to be on her way home to her six kids and one grandchild. Her journey home to them after docking in Mobile, AL included a bus to New Orleans, a flight to Houston, another bus to Galveston to get their car, and then about a 7 hour drive home to Burkburnett.