Burk One Step Closer to Multi-Million Dollar Aquatic Center

Burkburnett is one step closer to getting a family aquatic center. Monday night City Commissioners moved forward with further research and development of the project. They are in the beginning process of that stage so it still doesn't guarantee that they will even get one.

In January city leaders approved a $30,000 design and feasibility analysis for the center. Three design examples were given. Those range from $2.7 million to $4 million. Monday night city leaders decided to move forward with the $4 million design concept. That has some citizens on edge.

"Where are we getting $4 million dollars for this when there's other needs the city should
be taking care of," said Michael Bunton.

"It's just the initial step of looking at it to see what the needs of the community will be for a family aquatic center," said City Manager Tim James.

A company will further look into the costs associated with the aquatic center including the cost to maintain it, projected attendance, as well as the amount of water needed. Right now Burk has one family pool it's large but it's old and it doesn't offer much for young children. Residents that want this aquatic center flowing into town say this will add to the quality of life.

"We would be able to get people from Grandfield, Oklahoma, Randlett, Byers all of those surrounding communities to come in and support us instead of us taking our business someplace else," said Debbie Graham.

Yet some say right now is not the time to build a small water park, considering our drought.

"Our lakes are at 40 percent and dropping the rain isn't here," said Bunton.

"There's valid concerns about the costs as well as the condition of our water supply that the council is weighing very heavily on," said City Manager Tim James.

Before it would be built it would have to go to voters, possibly even as early as May. It would be paid for though voter approved general obligation bonds. City manager Tim James said it wouldn't even be constructed until 2014.

In November of 2010 Burkburnett voters, voted down general obligation bonds to be used for a splash park.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.