Burkburnett Wins $20,000 in New Technology

Burkburnett won $20,000 in new technology. The council chambers won the grand prize in a win a technology center sweepstakes! The Center for Digital Government selected five local government winners at random. Burkburnett was the grand-prize winner.

The package includes:

25 tablet computers

Three wireless access points

Table Cart

Interactive whiteboard and stand & vote set

Laser printer

Conference phone, document camera and one large-format display with supporting accessories.

"We just think it's a really neat opportunity for the City of Burkburnett to have this kind of technology to be able to demonstrate it and use it as one of the tools to bring the community together and helping the elected officials make better decisions," said Todd Sander with Center for Digital Government. "

"Not only is this an opportunity for us to use this new technology to enhance our citizen engagement and involvement  but as well as increasing our efficiency," said City Manager Tim James.

Representatives from the Center for Government and CDW-G were in Burkburnett Monday evening for the meeting.