New MRI Machine At Wilbarger General Hospital

New MRI Machine At Wilbarger General Hospital

We got a first hand look at some state-of-the-art equipment available in Texoma. Wilbargar General Hospital has a new cutting-edge MRI machine and it's proving beneficial to both patients and medical staff.

"Healthcare is personal. We want to be the regional setting of our local areas of rural communities that do not go to Wichita Falls. They can come here to have their diagnostic testing with as state-of-the-art equipment you can find in your larger cities,"  Patsy Bachman said.

The director of radiology at Wilbarger General Hospital said the new machine is among the top-rated in the nation.  It's faster, with the average scan time anywhere from ten to 25 minutes and has a larger opening.

"We have not had to turn down anyone in the past 5 months for an MRI due to size. For people who are claustrophobic, it's really nice because it's larger. That's a major improvement for this area," Bachman said.

The machine is no longer across the street, but housed in the radiology department.

"It makes a great difference in many areas. for one, the convenience for the patients. Our surgical patients come from a med surge floor straight down. We don't have to worry about getting an ambulance and transporting them across, so it makes it a lot nicer," Bachman said.

Most importantly, the quality is much better and makes it possible to do a broader field of exams.