Drought Watch: WF Back To Stage 2?

Drought Watch: WF Back To Stage 2?

With rain in the forecast, the city of Wichita Falls could be taken out of Stage 3 Drought Emergency in the coming days.

Once the combined lake levels of Kickapoo and Arrowhead are above 40%, the city could technically be moved back to Stage 2.

As of Tuesday, Feb. 19th, the combined lake level was at 39.9%. However, city officials are holding off on dropping the drought restrictions.

"If we were to do that, with this time of year, we'd just be bouncing back between Stage 2 and Stage 3 restrictions, and that's just going to confuse everyone," said Director of Public Works Russell Schreiber.

There is no set percentage lake levels must reach in order to take Wichita Falls out of Stage 3. Instead, city staff and management decide based on lake levels along with predicted weather for the coming months.