Business Booms In Vernon

Business Booms In Vernon

The City of Vernon and the businesses that call it home are seeing a nice economic boom, thanks in part to some large scale construction projects in the area.

Construction workers, engineers and other passing through have contributed more than $215,000 in Sales Tax Revenue over the last month alone, a new record for the city.

City Manager Mitch Grant said, "For the last 3 months at least, we've been record high on sales tax revenue. The motels and hotels are all full and the restaurants are full and that's a big impact on us right there."

Business owners have also noticed more strange faces passing through their doors. Co-owner of Bevos Drive In, Melinda Steele, said, "Oh yeah, I think a lot of them are out here working on the wind turbines and we get a lot of people from the power plant moving in and out. It will definitely help our local economy."

The Sales Tax revenue is split, with 2/3 going to the City of Vernon and the other 1/3 going to the Business Development Corporation.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6