Shelters Not Sheltered From Water Restrictions

Shelters Not Sheltered From Water Restrictions

Faith Mission is under the same Stage 3 Drought restrictions as the rest of Wichita Falls, but organization leaders are going above and beyond to do their part to conserve water.

Executive Director Steve Sparks said the biggest changes have been made to mealtime. "We were just putting full two gallon pitchers on all of the tables," said Sparks. "Instead of doing that, now we're asking the guys to just refill their glasses at a hydrant or a smaller pitcher as needed."

Sparks said that simple move is expected to save 45 gallons of water a day, because Faith Mission used to throw out 14 nearly full pitchers at each of the three meals they serve.

Water conservation has also impacted clean-up after meals, with the dishwasher only being run when the racks are completely full.

Faith Mission is considering even bigger changes if the drought continues. "We're exploring the possibility of maybe not every person showering every night. That's our policy now, we may want to look at an every other night kind of thing," said Sparks.