MSU/WFISD Education Collaboration

MSU/WFISD Education Collaboration

Midwestern State University and the Wichita Falls Independent School District have teamed up to help students reach their goals of higher learning.

WFISD Superintendent Dr. John Frossard and Board President Kevin Goldstein, and MSU President Dr. Jesse Rogers signed the agreement Friday. "Our kids work hard every year and families have a tough time sending their kids to school," said Goldstein.

However, the scholarships are expected to help more than just the students receiving them. "If we can keep more of our best and brightest locally, knowing that they can get an excellent education here, then it's easier to keep them here and grow the economy."

The scholarships range from $1,000-$28,000, and most are for qualifying students at Old High, Rider or Hirschi High School.

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