Holliday Bond Breakdown

Holliday Bond Breakdown

Residents in Holliday will vote on a 15 million dollar bond this May. The money will be used to fund many projects around the district, including new science labs, a new gymnasium and new multi-purpose classrooms.

Holliday Superintendent Kevin Dyes said, "When you look at our science labs and the number of science labs we have we don't fell like were meeting the needs of our students." The additional classrooms would also eliminate the need for 3 portable buildings currently being used by students.

This is the first bond election since 2005, when residents passed a nearly 6 million dollar bond used to build a new elementary school. Dyes said the district's track record is good with this kind of funding. "I think it follows a good progression. The biggest need at the time in 2005 was an elementary school. I think the biggest needs now are upgrades to the middle school and high school."

If the bond passes, residents with a $100,000 property would see their taxes go up by about $24 a month. Despite the steep cost, Dyes said now is the time to get this money. He said, "If the district is going to pass a bond, now is a really good time because you're not going to pay as much interest over the life of the bond."

The estimated interest rate is 4.5% but Dyes estimates it could be lower by the time they apply. The district sent out a facilities survey late last year, and of nearly 300 responses, 90% favored the bond resolution. The vote will be on May 11th.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6