New Disaster Relief Team Forms

Several Wichita Falls agencies have come together to help Texoma in times of disaster. It's called the North Texas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. The Red Cross, United Way, Salvation Army and the Food Bank are also a part of this great organization.

From a bed to blankets the Salvation Army was stocked with supplies and is often one of the first responders during a disaster.

"The Salvation Army since 1900 has been working disasters, we've always been there to serve whenever the need would rise," said Captain Gregory Shannon with our local chapter.

Over the past few years, that need has risen. From the Christmas blizzard of '09 to the wildfires of 2011, the response to disasters has always been reactive but that's about to change.

"I like to say it's being proactive rather than reactive," said Diana Phillips, President/CEO of the North Texas United Way. "What it is, is organizations locally that come together and they have
a formal plan in case there is a disaster."

Each nonprofit has a specific area in which they can contribute. Whether it be food from the food bank or a nights rest at the Salvation Army. What NTVOAD does, is it formalizes the response with bylaws and specific contacts so there's no confusion.

"You already know who the critical players are before then," said Phillips.

North Texas Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster is having their next meeting Wednesday March, 6 at 10 a.m. at Nortex. They encourage other non-profits and organizations to attend the meeting. They really want to expand their base and they're able to do it if other groups get involved. The group will serve 11 counties.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.