City View Elementary Teacher Wins $2,500 Technology Grant

City View Elementary Teacher Wins $2,500 Technology Grant

City View Elementary School teacher Keven Robertson was recently recognized by her school district for winning a $2,500 technology grant from the Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) Foundation. Robertson used the grant funds to purchase 10 Nexus tablets for student use.

"Being able to put tools directly into the hands of my students allows them to take ownership of their learning," Robertson wrote in her grant application.

Robertson's grant project will include using the tablets to create an online newspaper to document special events on campus, from the school's annual Spelling Bee to its Family Science Night.

Allowing the students to photograph and write about these programs will also encourage teamwork and school pride, Robertson said. "Working together on this project will give students the chance to develop communication skills and group processing skills that are imperative to working together successfully."

Students will also work independently with the tablets on their research skills, and the devices will be used during off campus study trips.

"These tablets would also enable my students to view enhanced eBooks featuring images, video and audio elements that are not available through traditional textbooks," Roberson said. "This type of integrated learning engages a student to allow more depth and complexity when it comes to content  distribution."

The school's 30 gifted and talented students in grades 1-6 will be the primary benefactors of the tablets, but all 590 students on campus will have access to the tablets. The gifted and talented students will be able to mentor classmates on using the tablets.

The ATPE Foundation technology grant provides funds to educators in Texas public schools for the purchase of classroom technology resources. Two $2,500 grants were awarded during the 2012-13 school year.

The ATPE Foundation was established by the Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE), the state's leading educators' association and the largest independent association for public school educators in the nation.

An educator does not have to be a member of ATPE to apply for a grant from the foundation.