Texoma Non-Profits Face Budget Cuts

Texoma Non-Profits Face Budget Cuts

Many leaders of non-profit organizations in Texoma say they are sitting on pins and needles waiting for massive budget cuts and other devastating changes.

They're only hope is for Congress and President Barack Obama to come up with a deal that would avoid these cuts before Friday.

Patsy's House employees in Wichita Falls work day in and day out to reduce the trauma child abuse victims suffer. But looming budget cuts from the federal government could slow down their efforts. Executive Director Keri Goins says the timing could not be worse since child abuse cases are on the rise and 47% of their budget comes from federal funds.

"At a time where it's even more prevalent, we're working hard to stop that cycle of child abuse, trying to figure out where we're going to cut from is going to be very difficult," said Goins.

Patsy's House also relies on donations and these cuts would no longer allow people to receive tax reductions whenever they donate to any non-profit.

Goins says, "When you find out you have a budget cut from the government you know and you deal with it but this one is going to happen slowly because we just won't know whether that donor who used to give $5,000 is still going to give 5,000 dollars or not."

Meals on Wheels is in the same boat. The organization delivers meals to about 800 people with low income but it's facing a 10% budget reduction and officials say they need donations to stay afloat.

"Through the support of our community we've been able to see those people in need and there's a possibility that we may not be able to take everyone as we have in the past," said Jackie Hamm, the executive director of The Kitchen.

Meanwhile Faith Mission's CFO says a 100% of their budget comes from donations so the elimination of charitable tax deduction could be devastating for their efforts to give the homeless a place to stay and a warm meal.

"It may impact us on our year end donations because so many people give by December 31st to get the tax deductions so it may string the donations out," said Virginia Green, Faith Mission's CFO.

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6