Non-Profit Could Prevent Tragedies

Non-Profit Could Prevent Tragedies

Wichita Falls Community Counseling offers low-cost mental healthcare, based on a sliding scale.

"I didn't get in this to make money... so we decided to do this just to make the world better, to help the community and to help get aid for people who really aren't getting help right now," said President Jim McGinn.

The non-profit recently opened its doors at 3100 10th St. in Wichita Falls.

Jim and his wife Trina, a registered nurse, offer services for more than just those with severe mental disorders. "There's a whole variety of disorders, from people who just aren't satisfied with where they are in life and are kind of stalled, all the way through to diagnosable disorders they may need medication for," said Jim.

Besides general therapy, Jim and Trina are also certified in "life coaching" for clients who simply need a new direction in life.

Services are available for kids as young as 3 years old, through a program called "play therapy."

"If they're young, one of the reasons you may want to do that is if the child faced any kind of traumatic experience, and a lot of time with play therapy they can play through some of those traumatic experiences and work through some of their issues and kind of pull some things out," said Jim.

Catching mental disorders early is one way some people suggest tragedies such as the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut can be avoided.

Learn more about the services Wichita Falls Community Counseling offers here.