Schools Face Possible Cuts In Services And Staff

Schools Face Possible Cuts In Services And Staff

Teachers and services are possibly on the chopping block in Texoma schools now that the sequester budget cuts will likely go into effect.

"We are all Americans, all children belong to all of us and the government needs to start acting about that and start considering the impact of their actions," said the mother of a Texoma student.

Right away the Wichita Falls and Burkburnett Independent School Districts will get a 10% cut in their Federal Impact Aid.

The districts receive those federal funds because Sheppard's Air Force Base is taking up federal land and the districts cannot collect property taxes from that land.

Burkburnett ISD's Superintendent Danny Taylor says, "It can be spent anywhere in our budget so a loss in this revenue impacts all of our students and not just the military dependant."

Taylor says that 10% cut means Burk's school district will loose $80,000 this school year. As a result schools will have to cut back on non-instructional services like counseling, tutoring and the purchase of new technology.

But the district could end up losing even more if Congress doesn't approve a budget for federal government operations this month.

"Anytime they do a continuing resolution and they don't approve a new budget which they have not done that's an additional 2% to 3% cut on our Federal Impact Aid," said Taylor.

Taylor says even though Federal Impact Aid is used for anything they want, a big chunk of those funds are used to pay the school's staff. That means school districts in Texoma might have no choice but to cut positions.

Taylor says, "That could easily be part of the discussion that takes place this summer as our school district and other school districts once again are agonizing over reduction of budgets."

There are other federally funded programs that are facing cuts but the main impact will occur in the 2013-2014 school district budgets.

Those programs are:

-Title I, Part A (Compensatory Education Program)
-Title I, Part C Migrant Education-
-Title III English as a Second Language Services
-Head Start
-Career and Technical Education
-IDEA-B Special Education Funding
-Child Nutrition Program
-Adult Education
-Rural Education Assistance Program
-Rural Low Income Program

Tanya De Jesus, Newschannel 6