Sheppard Civilians' Pay Cut By Sequester

Sheppard Civilians' Pay Cut By Sequester

Some civilians working on Sheppard Air Force Base will be forced to take a 20% pay cut, if sequester cuts are put in place.
About 1,200 civilians would be furloughed for 22 days between April and September. "A furlough is when you place a civilian employee on a non-work, non-pay status," said Director of Public Affairs for the base George Woodward.

The employees who will be affected are "appropriated funds employees", meaning their salaries are paid directly from Congress. Once the sequestration passes, they will be forced to take off one day a week for six months, totaling 22 days.

Woodward said the move will mean a 20% pay cut for those employees. "I think most people will tell you, 'I'd rather take a pay cut then lose my job, especially these days.' So I think people are trying to take the positive approach to it," said Woodward.

Woodward said employees have been briefed on what will happen if the cuts go into place in April. "Between now and then, any number of things can happen," said Woodward. "So nothing is written in stone yet, but it's important that the Department of Defense and the Air Force plan for that because there's so many things that have to happen in order to bring that to pass."

The Civilian Mentoring Program held a forum to explaining the sequestration and its effects. Sheppard's Airmen and Family Readiness Center is also available to help with things such as budgeting.