Bettering Bellevue: Community Center Renovations

A community center renovation is helping to better Bellevue. The building has been around since the 70s and it's served many purposes before turning into a community center 10 years ago. It's used mainly for the Bellevue VFD monthly jamboree and rentals.

"We've had everything from wedding, birthday parties, you name it," said Bellevue Fire Chief Mark Hanson. "It wasn't properly insulated at the time, we're trying to get that updated
and save some energy costs."

The work began last month and should end in the middle of this month. Workers are insulting the entire building, replacing air conditioning ducts and lighting fixtures as well.

"By renovating it we'll make it more comfortable, more people will come in. We did it mainly for our use but it's also to have a better facility for anybody who needs to rent it," said Chief Hanson.

Volunteer Firefighter Corey Jackson has only lived in town for three years, yet he knows the importance it serves to the people.

"It's a pretty old building. The community has used this a lot," said Jackson.

The cost is $10,000. There will be no jamboree this month because of the renovations. It will return back in April. The renovations are paid for through donations and fundraising.