Tips To Deal WIth Door To Door Contractors

The Better Business Bureau has been contacted by consumers in our area requesting information on Premier Tree Service. The information for the company links to Chris Smith Tree Service out of Amarillo. BBB in Amarillo has a report on the company that gives them an 'F' rating. The Business is stating they are local and gives low price estimates.

The Better Business Bureau recommends the following steps before hiring a contractor knocking on your door:

1)    RESEARCH-- Ask the salesmen for written material about the company and let them know you are going to research them first before doing business with them. Ask to see the salesperson's solicitation permit. If they will not present it, cease all business transactions and notify the police.

2)    GET CONTACT INFO.-- Many complainants had no way to contact the seller if they were dissatisfied. Make sure you have valid contact information should you need a repair.

3)    TRACK YOUR TRANSACTION-- When paying by check or credit card you have at least some way to protect your money—such as canceling the check or reporting it as fraud to your credit card company. If you pay with cash and are dissatisfied, you're at the mercy of the contractor.

4)    FILE A COMPLAINT-- If you feel that you were ripped off by a door-to-door contractor, file a complaint with your Better Business Bureau.

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